Sri Lanka has what it takes to be the Wonder of Asia.

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Sri Lanka has what it takes to be the Wonder of Asia

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Introduction to the Sri Lankan BPO Industry

Sri Lanka's vision for the ITO/BPO industry is to turn around the sector to the top revenue earner status for the country by 2020, with a target of US$ 5 bn in export revenue and direct employment to 100,000 and indirect to 150,000. Today, more than 300 IT and BPO companies operate in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka is accelerating into an emerging destination of choice for the ITO and BPO markets. In the last fiscal year, Sri Lanka was ranked 21st in A.T. Kearney's Global Services Location Index (GSLI) 2016, ranking as an increasingly attractive offshoring destination. Sri Lanka's capital city, Colombo has been recognized as a global center of excellence for Finance and Accounting, with Global Services Magazine ranking the city amoung the top 14 in the world, further Sri Lanka is in the process of building its own port city on a 260 + hectare landfill reclaimed from the Indian Ocean. Which will be the official financial city of Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka's per capita income is US $ 3637, the highest in South Asia, the BPO sector has largely contributed to this economic cause. Sri Lankan BPO sector has shown strong growth over the last decade despite the global downturn, the Sri Lankan ITO/BPO market has grown exceptionally and is primed to surge further following the end of the civil war and the rapid development taking place in the country.

The fame of Sri Lanka as an offshore destination is compelling with these crucial dynamics


  • 6 % of Sri Lankan GDP is allocated for school education
  • 10,000 state schools and 23 universities
  • 100's of private schools and colleges following local and British Curriculums
  • Literacy rate 92.6%, highest in South Asia
  • Over 40,000 CIMA and ACCA graduates are produced in Sri Lanka and the majority of this talent is fed into the BPO industry
  • We Sri Lankans proudly boast of an easy to understand neutral English accent

EducationSri Lanka's Skilled Workforce

  • 80,000 IT/ITES workforce growing at a rate of 20% per annum
  • 50,000+ new finance and accounting professionals joining the workforce every year
  • Sri Lanka possesses the largest British certified accountants outside the UK
  • 30,000+ various graduates enter the workforce every year
  • Low attrition rate compared to other offshore destinations
  • The IT literacy rate in Sri Lanka is 26.8%

EducationFinancial Appeal

  • Cost competitive destination: Ranked 4th in terms of financial attractiveness on A.T. Kearney's Global Services Location Index (GSLI) 2009
  • Cost per worker is 30% to 20% lower compared to other main offshoring destinations
  • Government initiatives such as tax exemption and free trade zones have created a favorable environment for BPO Industry
  • Special duty free facilities for IT & BPO projects in Sri Lanka
  • Special state assistance on real estate acquisition, based on the investment and employment generation potential

EducationGovernment Provision

  • The government of Sri Lanka has made it evident with its recent open commitments to the sector by setting high targets for ITO / BPO sector, in order to turnaround the sector as the largest revenue maker in the country
  • Special state cash grants for ITO-BPO to support business development particularly for training, consulting, marketing and quality enhancements
  • The Prime Minister of Sri Lanka has vowed to directly supervise the IT & and the BPO sector in Sri Lanka

EducationLegal System

  • Sri Lanka Boasts of one of the most profound legal systems in the world,following British commercial law principles
  • Follows a comprehensive IP regime,Intellectual property treats, such as Bernie Convention and WTO/TRIPS
  • Sri Lanka has also enacted an electronics act, computer crimes act, and a data protection code practice
  • Sri Lanka boasts of the second highest reducer of software piracy

EducationInfrastructure and Telecommunications

  • Eight telecom giants operate in Sri Lanka with three international submarine cables providing ample redundancy, broadband, leased line, and satellite connectivity
  • The Telecom Regulatory Commission has blessed the IT and BPO companies with special access facilities to IT and BPO companies
  • Well established road networks, uninterrupted power supply, and well-developed support infrastructure services
  • IT and BPO parks are being proposed to be built at various important locations in Sri Lanka
  • Affordable commercial-grade workspace with rent ranging from $0.85 to $1.20 per square meter, per month