We offer a variety of browser-based solutions that allow you to monitor your call center activity in real time from anywhere in the globe and create historical productivity data. Our state-of-the-art technologies and well-trained team will ensure your complete satisfaction.

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Inbound Services

We have a specialized staff that will assist your company with inbound call center solutions to help you gain more customers and lower operating costs by providing the best inbound call center services.
Our Inbound Services are your access to a market that is both vital to your company and incredibly profitable.
Inbound Call services are extremely important to organizations looking to improve their customer service. It's your opportunity to create new revenue streams.
With our Inbound Services, you can easily and economically take advantage of this opportunity. You can benefit from high margins with no substantial up-front investment with to competitive rates and revenue sharing opportunities.


Contacting, qualifying, and canvassing prospective customers using telecommunications devices such as telephone, fax, and internet.

We offer telemarketing outsourcing services that allow you to connect with your customers by making calls on your behalf to potential customers to spread the word about the products and services available.
We can offer you with valuable information on unmet demands, satisfaction levels, and customer needs. We will also suggest strategic ways for your company to handle customer issues and improve customer relationships in addition to this information.
We take pride in training our staff how to pitch products and services to potential customers in a tactical manner. Our staff must first study everything there is to know about the products and services before strategically pitching them to potential customers without overloading them.

Inquiry Handling

All the inquiries of customers are handled properly and detailed information about the product and service is given to them.

We respond to customer enquiries in a timely and professional manner, providing our clients' customers with necessary information about all products and services.
Customers are likely to have questions about products or services shortly before making a purchase, and these questions can occur for a variety of reasons.
Most potential customers conduct their research online, through known contacts, and by reading product reviews, among other things.
These customers are looking for specific information, and it is our staff's obligation to be prepared to provide it. We can deliver the appropriate response and information at the appropriate moment to ensure that the customer purchases the product or service.

Order Taking Services

Takes care of all customer orders that come in. Typically, an answering solution supports the order-taking process using live representatives. Answering queries, sending information, taking orders, and giving continuing support are all part of this service.

All customer orders are handled by us. It gives basic information and answers questions about a product or service via phone calls or live chat to assist consumers in making an informed choice.
This can assist your developing business in improving services while cutting costs. It also allows you to integrate cross-selling to increase the value of your product or service offerings. Most importantly, outsourcing order taking allows you to accept work in real time, at any hour of the day or night.
We strive to maximize each customer's value through exceptional service and strategic upselling and cross-selling techniques. Our live operators apply sophisticated technologies and scripts that are updated on a regular basis to make order taking more efficient, resulting in a better client experience.

Product Information Request

You should offer a complete catalog of your products and relevant information to the guidelines, and we will offer a voice to your company.

We will provide product information request services on Warranty Services, Product Support, Features, Upgrades, Accessories, and any other service in accordance with your specifications and requirements.

Benefits of outsourcing your Inbound Services to Diol BPO
  • Improve Productivity
  • Cost Savings
  • Increases Sales
  • Customer-Focused
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Win Back Lost Customers
  • Free Up Resources
  • Managing Higher Call Volumes
  • Connecting to Global Time Zones
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Outbound Services

Outbound telemarketing services specifically target clients who have demonstrated an interest in similar products or services but have never asked about them. This strategy, which is the opposite of cold calling or telemarketing, is primarily used to communicate specific messages such as information about specials, offers, surveys, data collecting, and seasonal reminders.
We ensure that our experts are well-versed in customer care and have undergone extensive training. They know how to ask the proper questions, figure out the customer's needs, present offers, close deals, and more.
By cold calling, our staff can help you improve sales, follow up on emails, test new markets, build solid client connections, schedule appointments, and make your business a success.

Debt Collection

We provide a one-of-a-kind call center debt collection solution that saves you time and money by reminding customers of their obligations, as well as providing peace of mind owing to our dependability.

We are results-driven, customer-focused, and have the collection agents expertise to make successful debt collector calls, allowing you to recover more money.
Through a comprehensive training and testing procedure, our internal debt collector code of conduct complies to industry best practices and collection rules.
You can improve your business efficiency while increasing your accounts receivable collections by outsourcing debt collection services to us. We assist you in streamlining and improving your debt collection procedures while providing you with an experienced and courteous staff of debt collection call center representatives. You can eliminate bad debt, improve existing cash flow, and achieve profitability while retaining your brand image with us on board. We also recognize the necessity for a collections company that can assist in the collection of past-due payments as well as business-to-business debts, and we can assist you in collecting debt from such sources.

When it comes to debt collection calls, we have the talents listed below.

  • Confidence - Keeping the goal in mind. Speaking in a confident tone, and offering clarity and knowledge of the debtor's agreement with the client.
  • Patience - Patience reveals itself in tone and a slower pace of speaking. It is also effective in calming the debtor.
  • Understanding - Offer compassion and understanding to the debtor, the client's payment needs, and how non-payment affects both.
  • Compliance - Staying within the rules of collecting and honoring the debtor's rights, including introducing who you are, who you're representing and the clear reason for the call.
  • Flexibility - Keeping a clear set of flexible choices in place for debtor payments or payment arrangements.
  • Conflict resolution - An important part of managing a collections call is listening and de-escalating irate behavior.
  • Positivity and professionalism - Professional and positive conversations refraining from judgment and shame.

We assist you to Reach a bigger market, generate genuine leads, and get more customers with telesales services..

Telesales representatives primarily serve as the field sales representatives' back office. Their primary responsibility is to make contact with potential clients, promote deals, and schedule appointments for field sales personnel to close the sale. By maintaining solid client connections, these sales are frequently converted to recurring sales.
We can offer comprehensive customer acquisition and sales solutions that are adapted to the demands of our clients. Our primary goal as telesales representatives is to assist our clients in expanding market share.
Our highly trained tele-callers are trained to understand your business and are given monthly goals to meet, ensuring a good return on investment for your company. They put in the time to get to know the target prospect and then give a customized pitch to increase conversion rates.

Lead Generation

We assist you in attracting and converting strangers and prospects into people who have expressed an interest in your product or service..

The lead-generation process is a proactive strategy to expanding a business that differs from traditional marketing and other passive methods. Your company can use lead generation to generate and encourage consumer interest in your services or products by leveraging that information to establish sales pipelines that will immediately increase income. Your company may focus on making connections with qualified prospects rather than advertising to large groups of consumers who may not convert into customers if you use lead-generation strategies.
Call center lead generation uses a range of media, including email, phone, and other digital streams, to produce leads. Lead generation for business-to-business (B2B) can be used to target other businesses and convert them into clients, whereas lead generation for business-to-consumer (B2C) can help improve consumer sales.
Our lead generating call center personnel identifies the key decision makers at prospect companies or households and determines the optimum time to contact them. We educate prospects on the advantages of doing business with your company, pre-qualify their needs and timeline for making a purchase, and connect them with your inside field sales person or office staff. Sales reps going through the entire transactions process without adequately screening potential consumers are predicted to lose 65 percent of sales, so let us take some of the burden off your shoulders.

Benefits of outsourcing your Outbound Services to Diol BPO
  • Increased Sales Figures
  • Increased employee productivity
  • Improves Customer Loyalty
  • Enhances Scalability
  • Less Operational Costs
  • Generate Leads
  • Gain Customer Insights
  • Improve customer acquisition
  • Increased Customer Retention
  • Enhances productivity.

The above list is not exhaustive, we have the ability to adapt and manage any call center related software.