We understand that your requirements are distinctive, as such, we commit to prior assessment through our business process mapping to identify your unique necessities to customize our services to meet your exact requirements.

Following are the four step process we practice to meet your requirements

Step 1

Assess your project objectives

Our Dedicated Assessment team works with you to recognize your objectives concerning the business processes you intend to outsourc.

Step 2

Plan and detail the back office businesses you wish to reposition

Based on the objectives we settled to during the prior assessment, we analyze the gap between your real requirement and the current status of the project through careful study and then develop a detailed specification of the jobs you intend to offshore.

Step 3

Delegation of the project

Based on the above assessments and analysis concerning your requirements, we will trove the best team to handle the project under the direct surveillance of the higher management.

Step 4

Execution and Delivery

We believe in empowering and providing ownership to our staff to bring the best out of them while the measurement systems are in place to track their progress towards the set objectives.

Our watchful eyes are continuously following them to ensure that they are on par with the set standards without disrupting their sense of ownership and empowerment with regard to the respective projects they are handling.

Furthermore, reports of activities will be communicated to you constantly, be it daily, weekly, or both as per your request.

We provide you with the opportunity to access cost effective quality HR at high margins, helping you take advantage of our economies of scale and other positive macroeconomic conditions applying to us here in Sri Lanka.